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Welcome to...Emily Presents!

Are you:

  • Looking for a dynamic, eloquent keynote speaker who’s knowledgeable, funny and will leave a lasting impression on your audience?
  • In search of a trainer with well-researched curricula and materials that address current trends such as generational diversity, social media and microfinance?
  • Planning a conference that requires a witty emcee who can move the agenda along and make the day seem like it’s flying by?
  • Scheduling workshops or breakout sessions that could use a presenter who brings a fresh and intriguing perspective to an otherwise dry topic?
  • In need of an instructor with a deep understanding of traditional and new media communication strategies to provide presentation and public speaking classes to your employees?
  • Seeking a meeting facilitator to bring parties together who don’t see eye-to-eye?

With 22+ years of experience that spans across the private, public, academic and non-profit sectors, Emily C. Williams consistently demonstrates the versatile and interactive communication skills necessary to excel in all of the above areas.

In 2008, to keep up with the growing demand for her public speaking services, she launched Emily Presents.

Emily’s rates are surprisingly affordable because her passion for informing, inspiring and entertaining audiences far outweighs her interest in income generation. To see just how reasonable her rates are, please visit the SERVICES page. You can also view a list of Emily's topics.

Would you like to view a video excerpt from one of Emily's keynote addresses? Please visit the EMILY SPEAKS page.

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Thank you for your interest in Emily Presents!